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The Right Formal Dining Room Sets For You

More and more people are spending money on buying formal dining room sets for their homes. This is because it provides them with a place that they can have an enjoyable time entertaining at when they invite others to their home. By making sure that you have the right seating arrangement when holding a formal dinner at your home will ensure that all those that are invited feel comfortable and so have an enjoyable time.
When it comes to purchasing a formal dining set for your home there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration. For centuries now traditionally it would only be the wealthy that would have a room set aside in the home for entertaining guests in. However, today most homes that are built traditionally now come with either a separate dining area or one that is an extension of the family kitchen.

So it is important that when you purchase a dining room table set you opt for one that you know is made from materials such as wood that will last for years to co…

Chesterfield Loveseat Leather

Chesterfield Loveseat Leather - This loveseat is our take on a traditional chesterfield style. Its button tufting and rich Italian leather upholstery are a nod to classic design, but the deep seat, slim profile and metal legs give it a modern edge. Our Chesterfield Loveseat range faithfully captures the traditional features which have helped the style become a true design classic. This loveseat features elaborate rolled arms, turned wooden feet and button detailing, while the tweedy fabric finish adds an understated, contemporary touch.

This classic Chesterfield I saw in Wales had all the hallmarks of the form - leather, deep button-tufted upholstery, nail-head trim, rolled arms and back all the same height, plus close proximity to copies of Country Living.
chesterfield loveseat leather

Chesterfield sofas appear to be sweeping the nation (including full disclosure my own living room). They are both cozy and tailored, and can suggest anything from the library of a gentlemen's club (image 2) to a bordello (and hopefully neither, in my apartment). Strangely, its origins are pretty much a mystery — a mystery that we will explore, but by no means unlock, today.

chesterfield loveseat tufted

Chesterfield sofas are large couches with rolled arms the same height as the back, and typically with deep button tufting and nail-head trim. The lore around the Chesterfield is that it was invented when the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope (1694-1773), commissioned a similar sofa in the mid-18th century.

velvet chesterfield loveseat

velvet chesterfield loveseat

The mid-18th century is indeed when there was a huge proliferation of new shapes of sofas. Sofas had only been around since about 1690 — before that they had benches, since comfort was not a high priority in furniture until the 1700's. One sofa shape popular in France in the 1770s was the "paphose," or "turquoise" (two names adapted from Turkish words, like the word "sofa," itself) where the back flowed into two curved armrests — the arms were not the same height as the back, but there was a sense of continuity and a coziness that is familiar to the Chesterfield (image 3). So it wouldn't be surprising if the early origins of the Chesterfield were indeed from around Philip Stanhope's era.

velvet chesterfield loveseat

However, it's unlikely that the Earl was responsible for the development of the form as we know it. The type of button tufting we see on the Chesterfield did not emerge until the 19th century, when the burgeoning middle class wanted furniture that was at once comfortable and ostentatious. The coiled spring was patented in 1828, creating a revolution in cushy chairs, and tufting was a handsome and effective way to keep all the horsehair stuffing neatly in place.
chesterfield chair

But it takes more than mere tufting to define a Chesterfield. The first image of a true Chesterfield high, rolled arms, generous proportions I could find is from 1857, in a James Roberts painting of the drawing room at Balmoral Castle. Ten years later, we see another Chesterfield in Frederick Walker's 1867 illustration for Thackeray's novel Philip, with the sofa situated in an early Aesthetic movement interior note the stylized floral wallpaper and the lushly patterned rug. Between Victoria's mad-for-plaid country castle and the Aesthetic parlor, the versatility of the Chesterfield was clearly apparent even in the mid-1800s. While we see the form, though, it had not yet adopted the name, and, according to the OED. the first recorded usage of the word "Chesterfield" was not until 1900. Confusing the matter is that it seems that Canadians use "Chesterfield" to refer to sofas in general, so it's unclear to which "Chesterfield" that 1900 usage was referring.

chesterfield chair

Despite its 18th- and 19th-century roots, the Chesterfield seems to adapt itself to a variety of modern interiors. From the wide availability of the form at many major retailers, it seems demand is as high as ever. How about you. Do you have/covet one? Or is this just another piece of Victorian furniture that should be banished to the attic?

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